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No.1 Accordion Repair Order

[1]  video shot close up. video time 5 minutes.

Bellows failure,only pull bellows.other failures

only play single tone.  Don't show your face.

[2]  at video time,  dictating your location

purchase time, brand model

whether maintenance,fault source

and the cause of the general situation.

[3]  Don't Dictation, Don't make a sound video

or send a picture only, all be regarded as invalid

Oral video will serve as an important

reference for formal maintenance.

[4] SCOPE of repair undertaken

Last century:Accordion at home and abroad

This century:Foreign Accordion

Partial brand Accordion and  domestic Accordion.

[5] Don't answer the self-demolited consultation,

Don't  accept self-demolition inspection

Don't  sell accessory parts

it will be blacklisted such as calls

voicemails, pictures, breaking in without an

appointment, and other harassment

Information will keep for 3 days

later inquires, need to re-send the video. Please know.

[6] relevant professional knowledge (anti-virus, no retweeting).

Input shyyd.com website at  BaiDu

Enter and search on 18 professional

independent website by clicking on the Navigation Bar

No.2 Accordion Maintenance Service

[1] don't entrust others,if you can deliver it yourself.

[2] Reception time 14:00 pm.  several maintenance

points can be parked. accordian delivery

by hand (or express delivery)

Don't accept the repair business of dismantled parts.

[3] three days before the notification.

the departure (express) 6 hours before reconfirmation.

Departure (express) immediate verification

confirmation of mutual information.

WECHAT PHONE: 189-1702-0116

二:苏醒钢琴调律 16 法